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The Environment

We are dedicated to providing a clean, safe, God loving, and fun educational environment for young children and their families. Within our care, children develop skills that promote physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. We believe in being supportive of our parents, and we welcome their positive involvement and presence at Willow Tree Academy at all times. We further believe that within our environment, children can thrive and have the opportunity to blossom into successful members of our society and use Gods gifts for their calling on life.

Our Mission

Willow Tree Academy is dedicated and committed to provide an exceptional early education based on God's principles. Our academic atmosphere provides each child with love and support needed for them to reach developmental milestones and personal accomplishments. We establish a well-rounded foundation for our children to lead with confidence, excellence, and to be socially prepared to achieve challenges life brings successfully.

Academic Excellence

In light of the current economic and job markets, the key questions on parents' minds (even parents of young children!) are "Will this school help my child get into a good college?" and "Will my child succeed academically, receive scholarship money for college, and be prepared for college classes?"  Ultimately, you want your child to have the best opportunities to be successful on their own, earn their own paycheck, and grow as an independent adult!

Positive Learning Environment

Our goal is to Sprout your young scholars and we are going to do this through creating a positive learning environment. A positive learning environment

When you walk into a well-designed preschool classroom, you see children and adults working together in a productive surrounding. There are children constructively engaged and teachers busy observing, facilitating, and challenging the children. The environment supports all this by assuming several of the responsibilities we typically associate with teachers. It helps the children interact, learn, and avoid unproductive activities, such as running and getting in each other’s way. Thus, the environment actually becomes another teacher in the classroom.

Private Christian Preschool

As a parent, you have prayed, researched, sought counsel, and examined all possible educational options. You have conscientiously made the decision to send your child to a Christian school because you understand the value and benefits of a Christian education. It might prove enlightening and encouraging to you to carefully re-examine the specific reasons that prompted you to make this critical choice for your child and why today you are reaping the benefits of a Christian school.

Your first response to the question of "why?” my child attends a Christian school may go something like this: "I enrolled my child in a Christian school to obtain a Christian education in a morally, spiritually, and physically safe environment.” However, this answer is probably an over-simplification of your decision to capitalize on the values of a Christian school. A review of the many benefits that your child reaps academically, spiritually, and socially in a Christ-centered classroom may illuminate your reasoning preparing you to "be ready always to give an answer to every man that ask you a reason the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (I Peter 3:15).

A child’s teacher is an important role model. Your child spends a major portion of the school day under the influence of one or more key teachers. You value the importance of the exemplary model set by your child’s teacher. In the Christian school classroom, the teacher openly teaches the truths of Scripture because his commitment compels an open, unashamed love and service to Jesus Christ. The government does not hinder these teachings, nor the reading of the Bible, nor prayer; all three are common everyday occurrences. The teachers openly demonstrate and model Christian principles, one of the reasons you send your child to a Christian school.

School Safety and Discipline

A safe environment where students can learn and excel is of great importance to many parents considering where to educate their children.  Reports by the NCES and the Bureau of Justice Statistics and a private study by the Horatio Alger Association have found that private school students are significantly more likely than others to feel safe and be safe in their schools.  Private school students are generally less fearful about their daily safety.

Private schools emphasize discipline and teach children self-control and personal responsibility.  The Condition of Education report states that "Private school teachers were more likely than public school teachers to say that they had a lot of influence on setting student performance standards (63 versus 38 percent) and on student discipline policy (48 versus 30 percent).”  Stricter disciplinary policies allow teachers and staff to correctly handle any major problems quickly and effectively, making the classroom free of distractions. 

Focused on Values

Are you looking for a school that focuses on the values that are important to your family?  One of the greatest benefits of a private Christian education is the commitment to providing instruction from a biblical, Christ-centered worldview.  Biblical truths are infused into the academic lesson plans that help expose God's truth and help students make the connection between the pieces of life and God's larger frame of reference. 

How will Christian values shape my child's future?  The spiritual freedom of praying in school, reading the Bible, and discovering Christ in all subject classes will provide your child with a solid biblical foundation that will last an eternity.

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